Portable Outdoor Sleeping Mattress

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Category: Single Automatic Cushion
Material: Polyester
Size: 183 x 57 x 2.5cm
Packing Size: 60cm(length) x 44.5cm(circumference)
Weight: 1040g

Soft rayon surface, high toughness and durable.
Ergonomic design, holding balance for human body, create a soft and healthy sleep.
Quick air filling and venting, convenient for use.
Simple and easy folding, convenient storage for travel.
Providing more sleeping space, comfortable and have a good sleep.

First use:
A. Stretch out air cushion.
B. Opening air jet, making cushion automatic expansion.
C. Close the valve, fold it and press it for several times, and then open the air jet for automatic expansion and complete flexibility instauration.

Package Included:
1 x Sleeping Cushion(Single one)

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