Aluminum Alloy Telescoping Hiking Stick

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Material: Aviation aluminum alloy rod, manganese steel tip
Size: 135cm/53" (max.), 66cm/26" (min.)
Color: Red, Blue, Silver, Black
Weight: 350g

This 3-section adjustable telescopic pole with ergonomic design, it's very comfortable and safe to use
3-Section adjustable telescopic pole. Adjustable length from approximately 53 " to 26 "
Rubber handle and with soft sponge, very comfortable to hold
Anti-shock spring mechanism reduces strains on hands and wrist
Durable and adjustable wrist straps
Removable trekking (mud/snow) basket to prevent it from sinking into soft dirt or sand
Manganese steel tip with removable rubber ferrule, protect the hiking stick
Made of lightweight aluminum metal, strong and light weighted
Spring shock absorber, spiral triple locked. Light weight, easy to carry.
Intermediate rod rod with a scale that can be measured.
Rod tip diameter is small, can be easily inserted into the sand in the soil, to adapt to any terrain.
Use the convenient, comfortable, suitable for climbing, hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities
Intermediate rod rod with a scale that can be measured.
Spring suspension design to reduce wrist, arm and shoulder impact.
Adjustable nylon strap can relax or tighten, you can simply adjust to the desired firm level.
Compass is an ornament, can not be used as criteria in the outdoors!
Mountaineering, hiking, travel and other outdoor activities the necessary tools.

Package includes:
1 x Hiking stick

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