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The Walking Dead Season 7 Custom Crew Neck T-shirt-Essential Survival Gear

Will you be ready for what is waiting in the next episode of "The Walking Dead Season 7"...I know I cant wait to see if the crew is ready and we know something bad is about to happen...it just has to be that way...right! We created a custom Walking Dead T-shirt to make you feel more secure as you bite your tongue in half.

Sorry that was a little gory, but you get the idea. Its on the edge of your seat time this season long. Rick and the crew have to be ready with all the Essential Survival Gear.

Who knows who Negan's next example will be, were praying it wont be one of our favs, but it would be way too boring if its always the bad guy. Negan


 Gear up!


How will the King and his crew come back into play this Season?

Rick and Michonne