Emergency Paracord Survival Wristband-Compass-550 Bracelet

The Para cord bracelet with compass will exceed your expectations for a paracord wristband in performance options. The wristband doe not take the place of your standard survival tools but will be rather handy in a survival situation when you do not have your staples, and its right on your wrist.

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Multifunctional Paracord Survival Wristband with Adjustable Buckle and Compass, Bottle Opener, fire starter is the perfect accessory for camping, boating, hunting, hiking, trailer, first aid and other outdoor activities.

The Bracelet is constructed of Paracord 550 break strength parachute cord, made into a Survival Wristband is an all out winner in terms of its survival ready capabilities.



Scraper can be used as a knife
Compass accurately provide directional assistance
Fire Starter can start fires, in order to survive for boiling water, cooking game, etc
Unraveled paracord string is essential for tying down and securing camping equipment or gear
Can opener is more than a can opener, but a survival gear that turns into a knife, a screwdriver, sinker, fruit peeler,and simple versatile swiss knife that does it all.

History of Paracord Survival Wristband:  

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Survivals as well as outdoor sports enthusiasts began to carry the cord. People who hike, backpack and camp all found uses for paracord in their outdoor adventures.

The Paracord or parachute cord was originally used in military operations and found its way into the bags of nature lovers and adventurers around the world.

It was eventually styled into a bracelet that could be unraveled and used in emergency survival situations for repelling, a-fixing broken limbs securing gear and the list goes on.

The 550 Paracord Emergency Survival Wristband is crucial for all camping, exterior and also wild experiences. It raises survival possibilities by supplying resources readily offered on you. An emergency situation kit or equipment that you can take with you without packing heavy things or stressing over it obtaining lost as you have it on you in any way times.
The Parachute cord frequently used today is type lll commercial cord which has 7 cables inside and a break point of 550 pounds, this is substantial and also the factor it was an army criterion.
Thus the name 550 Paracord. After World War 2 parachute cord became available to everyone.
Lovers are imaginative and ultimately a person made a wristband to keep the paracord useful as an emergency survival kit, so they braided it right into a weaved outdoor survival wristband.
This allowed them to handily carry 9-12 feet of paracord in all times

A second method is to lug a paracord belt as well as have as much as 100 foot on you in all times.

The most standard paracord bracelet was put on in the preferred 2015 flick mad max as well as was put on by Tom Hardy's personality in the 2015 Mad Max film. You recognize when we see something we such as on celebrity of a popular film we obtained ta have it so people began to duplicate that bracelet and also the development of the survival bracelet.
Buckles Compass and also Fire Starter are a few of the more prominent adjustments that have actually been created for many years as adventure hunters discovered means to up their game and vendors began to create the products made to their taste.

The Paracord Survival Bracelet has gained in popularity worldwide. When you have an extreme adventure at hand you had best be prepared for the worst.


Product Features:

  • A Paracord Survival Wristband with survival whistle built into the buckle.
  • Flint / Fire Starter: It can start a fire a basic essential for survival - from boiling water, cooking, etc.
  • Scraper can be used as a knife.
  • Compass accurately provides directional assistance.
  • Unraveled the paracord string to tie down andy necessary camping or hiking gear.
  • Perfect for camping, boating, hunting, hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • Each is designed for style and function.

Package Included:
1 X Scraper
1 X Compass
1 X Fire Starter
1 X Can Opener
1 X Unraveled Rope

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